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Letters To Anais: Abstinence

Relay Transmission: GCRT#9857425

Transmission Date: 12/10/3300

Message Origin: deuilFURIEUX; Star&Garter;  Noblehome Starport; Darahk System

Message Destination: anaisFURIEUX; Furieux House; Darwyn; Zeta Tucanae System

Encoding: Standard Encoding Protocol


Greetings dear sister.

I hope this transmission finds you well.

Its now been over five months since I left our home on Darwyn and I am sorry for not being in touch sooner (at least in a lucid manner).  Piloting small transporters around our home system is one thing but flying out here in the black is quite another. It’s taken me a long time to get used to grandfather’s old ship, the Hazy Jane...