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Letters to Anais: Pale Sincerity

Relay Transmission: GCRT#8459687

Transmission Date: 03/02/3301

Message Origin: deuilFURIEUX; Star&Garter;  Fisk Port; Eta Draconis System

Message Destination: anaisFURIEUX; Furieux House; Darwyn; Zeta Tucanae System

Encoding: Standard Encoding Protocol

Greetings dear sister.

I have a confession to make. I am back on the booze. Not two days after I sent my last transmission from Darakh trying to convince you that I had turned over some new sober leaf, I was back swigging Gerasian Gueuze Beer by the caseload. It bloody glows in the dark! I have also discovered that I have acquired a taste for Centauri Mega Gin, thanks to Dom, the host at the Star & Garter here on Fisk Port...

Eta Draconis – New Horizons

You may be wondering how I ended up in the Star & Garter on Alvares Terminal. It wasn’t an accident.

Due to some unfortunate events that saw me leave the icy, snow capped peaks of my home planet Darwyn, Zeta Tucanae, I made my own way in the galaxy for seven months, mostly exploring nearby systems trying to make a quick credit. I’d seen the Pleiades. I’d seen the Vela Pulsar. I spent considerable time in the Darahk system, were Noblehome station quickly became a base of trade and exploration. I liked it there but the Federal presence reminded me too much of home. When news of the Kappa Fornacis debacle hit the screens, I wanted out.

I’d seen wars over drugs and people bombed in their houses over laws and rules and regulations...