Eta Draconis – Sobriety, On the Rocks


The Hazy Jane II safely docked, I decided to stroll over to the Star & Garter on Fisk Port. This time of the day, the establishment is usually quiet, and I needed the peace. The pink and blue neon sign over the door cast its familiar aura into the cool corridors of Fisk, and the 20th Century jazz that emanated from the place told me that the head bartender, Dom, was on duty.

As I hopped up onto a stool at the bar he nodded at me, and walked over to take my order.

“Hey Furieux! The usual, commander?” he enquired, pouring a Centauri Mega Gin before I even answered him.

“Yeah, Dom, thanks. Busy day?” I replied.

“Ah not so much, it doesn’t really kick off until later when the rest of your crazy wingmen start arriving.” he joked, handing me my drink. “Why are you not out there with them by the way?”

“Soon, brother, soon. I heard that some of them have been helping out with the war effort in Ao Qin lately,  but I’ve mostly been trading.  I am saving for that new Core Dynamics Vulture. Hey, did you catch Mr. Vondell’s latest speech on the local news network?”

“Yeah, looks like the Union are undoubtedly preparing for war. That Vulture may be put to good use eh?” he smiled, polishing a glass. “Business has certainly been booming here on Fisk since the arrival of so many new commanders, so I am not complaining. Of course, unlike you, sir, most of them pay their bar tabs.”

I laughed out loud. Dom was a strange sort. You never knew when he was being serious or not but I felt a kinship with him, something I couldn’t quite place. It was like I already knew him in a past life.

“You will get your credits, bro, don’t worry. In fact I am thinking of fitting a refinery to the Holy Drinker today and heading out mine some rocks out at Alignak later. I heard there’s some demand for painite, could be money in that.” I said.

“Mining?” he asked, surprised. “You never struck me as a rock hopper. Have you had at the ‘roids in the past?”

“A while back, yeah. I find it quite relaxing, strangely. Quite profitable too, so you can strike me off the slate very soon, I think.” I answered, tossing the Mega Gin back. “Speaking of relaxation, any chance you could spot me a case of Gerasian Gueuze to go? A few beers out in the void should help kill the feeling of solitude there in the rings.”

“Well, commander, I’d love to, but I am afraid I cant do that.” he said. “It’s nothing personal, but you and I both know that I cant sell beer to miners…”

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