The ‘Hazy Jane II’ – Faulcon DeLacy Cobra MkIII

The Cobra Mk III is a classic all purpose ship found throughout human space. The model was first built in Lave Cowell & MgRath shipyard in Lave in 3100. Despite its age it remains a popular ship for lone pilots who value its balance of carrying capacity and ability in combat.


The Hazy Jane II was named in homage to the Hazy Jane, Faulcon DeLacy Sidewinder that Deuil Furieux’s grandfather bequeathed to him after the old man’s death in 3295.  She was the third ship that Furieux flew and was bought soon after selling the Starlight Song,  a Zorgon Peterson Adder. The Hazy Jane II is a superb all round utilitarian ship and is capable of holding her own in a dogfight while still having enough cargo space to be used as a trading vessel. The Hazy Jane II carried CMDR Furieux into the system of Eta Draconis, the first of his adventures with the 8th Dragon Squadron and was piloted exclusively in war zones against the Union of Eta Draconis Labour.   The ship remains part of the Furieux stable and is currently docked in the Gliese 900.1 system.

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