The ‘Viridian Embrace’ – Lakon Type-7 Transporter

The Lakon Type-7, previously known as “Freighter 3”, is a large and moderately armed freighter. It is one of three freighters produced by Lakon Spaceways, the others being the smaller Lakon Type-6 Transporter and the larger Lakon Type-9 Heavy. While it has the potential to defend itself from small ships, the Lakon Type-7 is not designed for combat and thus it is recommended to anyone flying this ship that they should avoid combat whenever possible. Unfortunately due to this ship requiring a large landing pad, the Lakon Type-7 cannot dock at outposts. For any traders who plan to dock at an outpost it is recommended that they opt to fly the Lakon Type-6 Transporter instead as it is the biggest freighter that can dock at outposts. Repair costs on the Type-7 are low which makes trading without shields a reasonable strategy if you can avoid combat along the way.


The Viridian Embrace. This large vessel was taken on loan from a dealer on Schuster Hub in the Wuru system. At a purchase price of seventeen million credits, Furieux was forced to leave the Asp Explorer, Pale Sincerity, as security for its safe return, as he didn’t have the finances to buy it outright. The ability to ferry over two hundred tons of goods ensured that the Viridian Embrace was put to good use trading commodities in the service of the Imperial faction, Emperor’s Grace, of Lewitt Port in Gliese 900.1. Not only did it manage to assist Deuil and the 8th in supplying Lewitt Port with much needed commodities, the ship also made vast profits for the commander at the same time. Slow, unwieldy and certainly not greatly armed, the ship was in his possession for only a  short two week period,  before the purchase of a brand new Imperial Clipper, the Lady Muck, made it obsolete

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