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Caerus – A New Dawn

All across the surface of Caerus 5 people rejoiced. Citizens of all nations worldwide were celebrating the downfall of Caerus Systems and the sudden rise to power of the Freedom Party. No longer bound to Federal law, people felt liberated, free, and the future seemed so very much brighter. News channels systemwide were praising Nandez on his victory, who had not made himself available to any media companies. Lt. General Ramirez however, was seen giving an interview on one of the more prominent talk shows broadcast in the sector. Caerus Comms Partners had issued a press release  saying that they will no longer be supporting Caerus Systems or any more Federal incursions into the system...

Caerus – Little Deaths


“Nice ride.” commented the ship technician, wiping her hands on her overalls as Furieux returned to the hangar. She had just finished repairing some light scratches on the hull of a scarlet red Saud Kruger Orca that the commander had commissoned. “It isn’t often you see these vessels in for repairs here. A pity really, she is truly spectacular to look at.”

Furieux stopped at her side and smiled. The two of them looked up at the curvaceous and glossy hull for a moment. “Yeah, she is a beauty. Took me forever to gather enough credits to buy her.  She has that ‘something’ that no other ship has. A sense of pure style.  I named her the ‘Delicate Heart’.”

The technician burst out laughing...

Letters to Anais: Little Histories

Relay Transmission: GCRT#8951264

Transmission Date: 10/07/3301

Message Origin: deuilFURIEUX; Star&Garter;  Popov Hub; Caerus System

Message Destination: anaisFURIEUX; Furieux House; Darwyn; Zeta Tucanae System

Encoding: Secure Encoding Protocol

Greetings, Red!

It seems like forever since my last visit to Zeta Tucanae, though it has been less than two standard months. It was great to see you again and most fortunate that the old man was away on business. I don’t think I could have faced him again. On the flight back to Gliese 900.1, I chuckled at the thought of his reaction when he heard the news of my return, especially in light of the conflict in the air.  It may be worth suggesting that he heighten security around the holdings as it certainly appeared to be lacking on my arrival...

Caerus – Little Explosions

Intelligence Room – Freedom Party HQ – Popov Hub – Caerus System

Geryk Lepinski was alone, hunched over a terminal in the intelligence room when Furieux arrived. His slender fingers danced over the interface with practiced ease and accuracy. The old fashioned keyboard was of the mechanical type and Furieux puzzled over why such a highly trained data adept would use such a relic over the more modern and commonplace holographic input devices. Everything in the room was white, from the technology to the furniture to Lepinski’s attire, a loose fitting kimono style garment that gave him an almost feminine appearance. His bald head tilted from side to side as he worked...