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Caerus – The Hunt: Part I

Excerpt from the voicelog of CMDR Anais Furieux

I have left the system of Caerus. Fitting my brother’s Saud Kruger, the ‘Delicate Heart’, with all the trappings of an explorer vessel, I have laid in a course for Hyadum I. Following a meeting with Freedom Party Leaders Nandez and Ramirez, where I appeared to have found some allies, at least I have a lead. It did take some bartering however, Nandez was courteous enough, but that brute of a woman aggravates me so. Deuil described her as enchanting? Enchanting!! She has the mannerisms of a cheap bar wench. My brother never did have the best taste in women. I still cannot believe she had the nerve to repeatedly label me ‘little Federation princess’...

Caerus – A Universal Hangover

“Sweet Mother of all Tucans!” yelled Furieux, gasping for air as he jolted awake and instantly smacked his pounding head in the darkness. He attempted to raise his hand to rub the pain away but discovered his space was restricted. He felt as if he was in a coffin. Closing his eyes, he tried to recover his wits and some memory of recent events, but the dream he had just experienced gripped his psyche, refusing to unhook its vivid claws from his mind. His throat was dry. He wanted a drink. Any drink. Even water would do. He licked his lips and concentrated. He listened. A soft hiss interspersed with rhythmic ticking and the odd digital bleep reached his ears. He recognised the sound of an an escape capsule. Why was he here though? He concentrated. The Orca...

Shokwa – The Best Laid Plans

“Where the hell is Dex?” screamed Ramirez in the FPoC HQ Intelligence room. Geryk Lepinski continued tapping away at his terminal as if he hadn’t heard. “Hey Kimono-boy, you listening?” she asked again.

Lepinksi sighed dramatically and spun around in his chair.

“He left two days ago with no explanation as to why or where he was going. Probably having another one of his ‘episodes’. You know him as well as I do, or better, as the case may be.” he smirked.

Ramirez scowled at him and threw up her hands in resignation. The relationship between her and the leader of the Freedom Party was no secret to members of the group but Ramirez didn’t like to talk about it. She rapidly changed the subject...