Shokwa – The Best Laid Plans

“Where the hell is Dex?” screamed Ramirez in the FPoC HQ Intelligence room. Geryk Lepinski continued tapping away at his terminal as if he hadn’t heard. “Hey Kimono-boy, you listening?” she asked again.

Lepinksi sighed dramatically and spun around in his chair.

“He left two days ago with no explanation as to why or where he was going. Probably having another one of his ‘episodes’. You know him as well as I do, or better, as the case may be.” he smirked.

Ramirez scowled at him and threw up her hands in resignation. The relationship between her and the leader of the Freedom Party was no secret to members of the group but Ramirez didn’t like to talk about it. She rapidly changed the subject. “Are you aware of how much local support we have lost in Caerus recently? Our agents in Shokwa are performing well but the Comms Partners are rapidly gaining popularity. What are you doing about it?”

“My dear Enya, worry not, ” responded Lepinksi, turning back around to observe the data on his screen. “It is all in hand. I have been masterminding a grand plan with the 8th Dragon Squadron. As Furieux hasn’t been seen since the last mission I had sent him on, I have been discussing possible moves with the other mercs, most notably with a new arrival that has a vested interest in the group. We also have leverage in that she wont leave the Squadron until Furieux has been found. His Orca was found, in pristine condition, but the commander was not on it. It is back in the hands the 8th. We felt it right that it should be returned. ”

“She?” inquired Enya, suspiciously. “Who is it?”

“Not important right now, just know that things are going exactly to plan.”

“Do not leave me out of the loop, you little bit-head! Remember who I am and my place in the Freedom Party!”

“Dex’s floozy?” he sniggered.

“Lieutenant General! And don’t you forget it!”

“Whatever you say, boss,” he grinned. “The Dragons are raising support in Shokwa magnificently. It is only a matter of time before the Liberals fall before their might, just as the Hand Gang did before them. In the meantime, we have other mercs working as double agents for the CCP in an attempt to get them to make a move against us. Should the Dragons succeed, the mercs will rally once again to our side and smash those traitorous goons once and for all.”

Ramirez pondered this scheme for a moment, before her face lit up. “Interesting. You have certainly proved your worth this time, Geryk. Doesn’t mean I have to like you though.”

“Not a lot of people do, flower, that’s why I am so effective.” Lepinski replied.

She shrugged, puzzled by his response, and made a move to leave the room. “I am going to try to find Dex. Hail me if anything new comes up.”

“Actually, there is something. Amir Raj was detained on Popov Hub after one of our security vessels picked up a Sap 8 Core in his hold during a routine scan. Apparently, it may have come from the installation on Caerus B5. I suggest you check this out as a priority. Raj is currently undergoing interrogation, yet he is not forthcoming with any information. You may have more success than the local SysAuths.”

“Ill look into it.” she said, relishing the prospect.

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