Caerus – The Hunt: Part I

Excerpt from the voicelog of CMDR Anais Furieux

I have left the system of Caerus. Fitting my brother’s Saud Kruger, the ‘Delicate Heart’, with all the trappings of an explorer vessel, I have laid in a course for Hyadum I. Following a meeting with Freedom Party Leaders Nandez and Ramirez, where I appeared to have found some allies, at least I have a lead. It did take some bartering however, Nandez was courteous enough, but that brute of a woman aggravates me so. Deuil described her as enchanting? Enchanting!! She has the mannerisms of a cheap bar wench. My brother never did have the best taste in women. I still cannot believe she had the nerve to repeatedly label me ‘little Federation princess’. Clearly she has some kind of underlying issues with us, perhaps something in her past, but how dare she tar us all with the same brush! Of course, upon the mention of my father’s wealth, and the possibility of sharing some of those Federal credits with the FPoC should we come to some sort of agreement, her tone softened ever so slightly. Hah! Miss Ramirez wasn’t such the die hard anti-Fed when money to help forward their expansion plans was suggested. Nandez had other ideas however. He refused financial reward.  I am not entirely sure what exactly Ramirez does in the FPoC but one thing is certain, Dex quite plainly has the last word. He has asked me to gather some data on three nearby interstellar dust clouds, these being the Pleiades, Hind and the Pencil Nebulas. What they want with such details is none of my concern, but Nandez assured me that they have information regarding Deu’s whereabouts  and they will agree to share it should I accept their offer. After all is said and done, I have no choice.

The Dragon Squadron. Some of the crew did make an attempt to assist me in finding my brother but they all seem as clueless as me. They appear to be a good bunch, a mishmash of personalities, but I think I understand why Deuil enjoys their company. They remain sanguine regardless of their histories or ties to people and powers outside of their group. Personally, I find many of them rude, crass and unrefined. Most of them share my brother’s penchant for alcohol.  Were I at the helm, I wouldn’t stand for such a laid back approach to business. How they operate as a unit is beyond me. I honestly have no idea how they pull through with their contracts when their standard regulations and procedures are lacking so. Perhaps it is my own background in running Furieux Extraction in my father’s absence that makes it difficult for me to take such an approach to this method of operation, but I feel that the 8th could do so much better with some direction and focus. I also feel that a few of the members dislike me somewhat and I believe that this is due to my attempt to direct their endeavours for them. They obviously hold some offhand loyalty to Deu, and see me as a threat to their way of life. It is clear that my presence is unwanted.

Therefore, I have decided to go out alone. Nandez was quite willing to return Deu’s Delicate Heart to me. It was picked up somewhere in the orbit of Caerus 5A, a small moon over the system’s capital and most populated planet. When discovered, the ship was empty. There were no personnel on board and the ship logs had been deleted. One of the escape capsules had been launched which only gives me hope, yet the fact that the Saud Kruger was in perfect condition is odd. I just don’t understand.

Nothing Deu does ever made sense to me. Even as a kid he was always messing things up. He used to drive my father crazy. It’s as if he goes out of his way to be different, to be…the outcast. Stupid Deu. You are most definitely your mother’s son. I know you so well, dear brother, you cant hide from me. Behind that smug, smirking mask and those soft eyes that follow the movements of every pretty flower that passes in front of them lies the real you. The frightened little boy, terrified that your mask will one day crack and split.

Come back to me, brother. I will fix you.


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