The ‘Delicate Heart’ – Saud Kruger Orca

Saud Kruger are famed for their range of luxury passenger vessels. This is their top of the line vessel (although they do offer custom built vessels that are bigger) and is capable of carrying passengers in extreme comfort and elegance. For its size and class it’s also quite capable of defending itself.

The Delicate Heart is Furieux’s most prized posession. Purchased soon after he and the 8th Dragon Squadron completed the contract for Emperor’s Grace in the Gliese 900.1 system and Furieux flew the Delicate Heart almost exclusively during the 8th Dragon Campaigns in Lushertha and Caerus, only exchanging it when combat situations demanded more combat oriented ships such as the smaller Core Dynamics Vulture, Hopes Descent. When asked why he preferred to fly an Orca rather than another more practical vessel, Furieux was quoted as saying “because she is sexy and because no one else does.”  Owning a Saud Kruger had been one of the commander’s long term goals since leaving his home planet of Zeta Tucanae in April 3300 purely for its aesthetics. The sleek, curvaceous vessel appealed to Furieux’s love for all things ostentatious and ‘flashy’ from the moment he laid eyes on it. Not content with the standard white livery that all Orcas leave the SK shipyards in, he quickly commissioned a cosmetic overhaul, the most obvious being its intense, scarlet paintwork.

During a contract in support of the Freedom Party of Caerus, the Delicate Heart was discovered by FPoC security ships in perfect condition over the moon of Caerus V with no personnel on board. There was no sign of its commander anywhere on the vessel and it was returned to Popov Hub for investigation and safekeeping. It was eventually handed over to Deuil Furieux’s sister, Anais, who used the ship in the search for her lost brother. The ship was docked on Darwyn, Zeta Tucanae and was used primarily as a VIP transport vessel.

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