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Black Horizon – Fortune, Opportunity and Truth

“A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.” – Suzy Kassem

“The Coalition weren’t the ones firing on us?”  Shizuko asked as she and Ginova stood in a compact elevator that would take them up to floor 121 . Ginova often nicknamed their HQ the ‘Nest’, a typical office complex much like the many others in the building. As the elevator rose, it made a barely audible hiss, the single tell tale sign that it was moving at all. Shizuko’s stomach lurched as it always did; she was an incredibly experienced pilot and used to swift changes in motion even in zero gravity, but something about elevators unfailingly made her feel sick.

“So we are told,” replied Ginova who gazed intently at elevator doors as they waited...

Black Horizon – The Ominous Birds of Yore

“Mining installation Banks Prospect located, sir,” announced  Dillon Reade, navigation officer aboard the Federal Corvette, Nevermore.

With a length of over one hundred and fifty metres, these spearhead shaped vessels were built primarily as escort warships, designed with the defense of much larger Farragut class battle cruisers in mind. A formidable craft in its own right, the Nevermore was heavily armed, and equally well armoured. It currently sat in the orbit of Paipai 1,  in a system merely one hundred or so light years distant from the Federation capital of Sol, hanging in the night sky over the drab and featureless planet. She was not, however, on a mission of war at this time.

“Thank you Mr. Reade. I’m taking us in towards your co-ordinates...