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Black Horizon – Everything. In Black & White.

“I don’t like having to be careful of what I say and do. Lately I’m far more interested in spirits, be they high, free or alcoholic.” – CMDR Deuil Furieux

With his ship safely docked in a hangar after the encounter with the Cai system authority, Commander Deuil Furieux’s black market contact on Raven’s Landing had begun the process of unloading the human cargo almost as soon as the ship had hit the docking plate. Where exactly the five hundred and odd Imperial slaves were being taken was none of his concern. The contract had been personally drawn up by fleet Commander Arkan Ginova of the Raven’s Scouts himself, who had offered the smuggler one million credits per successful run. Up until now, Furieux had performed the task without a hitch...

Black Horizon – An Unexpected Arrival

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Kaila Jinx hated security detail with a passion. It was just so damned boring. She had been patrolling the five kilometer boundary of Raven’s Landing for the past seven standard hours and nothing illegal, unusual or even remotely interesting had occurred worthy of a report. Sometimes she wondered why such a high importance was placed on maintaining law and order when nothing ever happened in Cai. Occasionally some pilots were caught with a few tons of Onionhead or similar drugs, but nothing that demanded  a perpetual, dedicated four man squadron of Vipers and Eagles that essentially played a game of Ring Around the Rosie for hours on endJinx would rather have been scouting for more dangerous criminals...