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Black Horizon – Drunk on the Moon

“She brews a bruise on my heart, and drinks it like a beer. She calls it love, but she would, because she’s drunk on my torment.” – Jarod Kintz

Raven’s Landing, Cai System.


Furieux left the office of Arkan Ginova and made his way back to the main hub of Raven’s Landing via an internal shuttle. From there, it wasn’t far to hangar forty where the Nineveh’s Kiss was undergoing some minor repairs. He stood on the docking platform and peered up at the huge freighter. A couple of uniformed techs were in the process of welding some of the outer hull plates that had been split open during the Commanders earlier less-than-graceful landing.  The Type-9 was not a pretty ship. A far cry from the smooth, curving aesthetics and lush interiors of the Orca, Delicate Heart, the Nineveh’s ...

Black Horizon – Lux Ex Tenebris

“You realize that our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Commander Deuil Furieux drained the glass of Centauri Mega Gin before laying the empty container on Arkan Ginova’s desk.

“Okay, Arkan. Let’s say I believe you. Tell me of my mother,” he said, gesturing at the barren glass.

The fleet Commander nodded once and rose to retrieve a new bottle of gin from the storage cabinet at the back of his office. Ginova would have to be careful. Acutely aware that Furieux was a man loathe to trust in others, he knew that a retelling of the history of Furieux’s past could potentially cause him to walk. For Ginova and the Raven’s Scouts, it was important that such a thing didn’t happen.

He tilted the bottle and refilled Furieux’s glass...