The Obsidian Prophecy – Diamondback Explorer

The Diamondback Explorer was Lakon Spaceways’ response to criticism of the original Diamondback ship class. By extending the ship’s frame it allowed greater cargo capacity and so greater mission variety and endurance. It also brought the ship more into line as a smaller brother to the successful Asp line although at much more modest price range. The Explorer model can fulfil the same roles as its companion ship type, but also able to operate as a fast transport and resupply vessel useful for supporting deep space operations in a hostile environment.

The Obsidian Prophecy is Furieux’s primary exploration vessel. While small, cheap and less versatile than Lakon’s Asp variants, it is nevertheless robust enough to make the long journeys required by ardent galactic explorers. Much like his prized Orca, Furieux chose the ship based on its looks, with the highly reflective chrome hull being its most obvious and extravagant attribute.

The ship has carried the commander on trips to the Heart, Soul, Crab, Bubble and Orion nebulae, making it the most well travelled vessel in the Furieux’s possession. The ship remains docked at Raven’s Landing in the Cai system, awaiting the next long trip into the void.

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