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No Fare

Furieux kicked the vending machine in the passenger lounge on Tavarez Enterprise as he waited for a fare. It didn’t budge at all. The can of ready mixed Centauri and Tonic had become well and truly stuck and he was becoming increasingly frustrated with both the lack of refreshment and the lack of clientele in this dump of a system.
He looked around the empty hall, making sure no one was watching him before he lifted and threw a particularly handsome artificial plant pot at the glass panel. It shattered, spilling fragments of glass all over the floor and he reached in and grabbed a couple of the previously reluctant tins. Cracking one open, he took a big swig followed by a very audible and satisfied sigh.
“Going to Bessemer Vision?” a voice cut in.
Furieux spun around to take in the vi...

Free Drinks & Dirty Drives

Furieux grinned as he sat down in the command chair of the Delicate Heart and made himself comfortable. Briefly checking the ship’s headcount manifest display, he noted that a handful of  passengers were still in the process of embarking, meaning he had a few minutes before take off. The larger VIP transport vessel, the Velvet Presley, had proven to cause problems at surface destinations when carrying people of of notoriety or fame;  the scanners of local SysAuth ships keen to search the cabins and holds of easy targets. The big Beluga simply wasn’t fast or maneuverable enough to make it reliable. The Orca on the other hand, handled like a souped up Viper in experienced hands, and Furieux was happy to be back in the cockpit of his favourite ship.

As the last of his travellers took to ...

Dog Days

When the last of his 36 passengers disembarked, Furieux shut off the Velvet Presley’s auxiliary power and sat for a moment in the darkened cockpit. Through the liner’s viewport, he absent-mindedly watched traffic darting around Sagan Orbital like so many industrious insects before letting loose a noisy yawn.

Over the last nine hours he’d been busy transporting government personnel from Matucanth to several surrounding star systems that fell under Archon Delaine’s jurisdiction as part of the new 8th Dragon contract. Adamantium’s pirate appeasing solution had been deemed  a stroke of genius, saving Coney Gateway and the system of Patocuda from economic disruption and the ravages of war at the hands of one of the galaxy’s most powerful criminals.

Furieux didn’t particularly like the idea...