Dog Days

When the last of his 36 passengers disembarked, Furieux shut off the Velvet Presley’s auxiliary power and sat for a moment in the darkened cockpit. Through the liner’s viewport, he absent-mindedly watched traffic darting around Sagan Orbital like so many industrious insects before letting loose a noisy yawn.

Over the last nine hours he’d been busy transporting government personnel from Matucanth to several surrounding star systems that fell under Archon Delaine’s jurisdiction as part of the new 8th Dragon contract. Adamantium’s pirate appeasing solution had been deemed  a stroke of genius, saving Coney Gateway and the system of Patocuda from economic disruption and the ravages of war at the hands of one of the galaxy’s most powerful criminals.

Furieux didn’t particularly like the idea of working for Delaine, believing that the self proclaimed “pirate king” had some convoluted ulterior motive in mind, but it was easy work and it paid well, requiring little effort on the commander’s part other than docking the ship without incident at whichever destinations his suited clients had chosen. As a well-versed Saud Kruger pilot,  Furieux could complete these type of contracts in his sleep – or indeed, while under the influence – which meant they were exactly the kind of jobs he was drawn to.

Occasionally, he’d been hired by someone who preferred to stay under the radar – those on the other side of law for reasons Furieux could care less about – and these often led to far more exciting moments where the need to be swift, steady and silent, avoiding the trigger-happy scanners of Authority ships while on a station approach was paramount.

Furieux stretched and forced himself out of the command chair. He found an already opened bottle of Centauri and a thick square glass near the back of the spacious cockpit and poured himself a drink, before reaching up to turn on a media screen. He sipped the liquid and watched as the familiar animated Galnet logo appeared.


…been announced that the design of a new multipurpose carrier has been approved and is expected to be commercially available within twelve standard months. Details are vague, but the carriers are expected to make full scale operations of a military or logistical nature far more manageable to private companies or squadrons of pilots in missions that were once purely the domain of the Federal, Imperial and Alliance navies….

Furieux continued to stare at the screen, rapt.

“This could change everything,” he said aloud. “The possibilities…”

He wondered if the rest of the 8th Dragon Squadron had been made aware. He bounced around the cockpit like an excited dog, before raising a comm to Adamantium.

“Heard the news, brother?” he asked the commander-in-chief.

“About the new fleet carrier?” Adamantium answered. “Yes. Its certainly something we need to look into. Of course, its going to be costly.  We’ll have to arm it, make sure it’s well defended and we are-”

“Screw that jazz!” Furieux interrupted. “The first thing we need to do is get a bloody bar installed!”

2 comments to Dog Days

  • Chilli  says:

    Brilliant as always Brother.

  • Fargkebiter  says:

    Love it, news, humour and storytelling all wrapped up in one post

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