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Gliese 900.1 – Homecoming


“Fuel scooping complete.” declared the Lady Muck as Commander Deuil Furieux swallowed the last remaining liquid from a bottle of Geueze before wiping his mouth with the back of a gloved hand.

The ship was currently suspended in the orbit of Sugrivik, a large class G star from where it was collecting base hydrogen fuel. The journey from Gliese 900.1 to Zeta Tucanae wasn’t a long one, but the combination of  the new Imperial Clipper possessing such a small tank along with an overall thirst for gas, it had become necessary to make a stop in the system and replenish the reserves. Gazing out of the viewport, Furieux observed the large, swirling yellow ball of plasma for a few self-reflective moments...

Gliese 900.1 – No Quarter

The INV Hengist Duval lurched into orbit above Gliese A3, a small, barren rock with an even smaller moon. The planet was home to a lucrative mining operation run by the Gliese 900.1 Liberals, the system’s current stewards. Minerals such as bauxite and lepidolite were transported from the surface regularly to Ford Dock, a tiny outpost with limited personnel.
The massive Majestic Class Interdictor boomed and groaned as it exited warpspace, leaving trails of dark matter in its wake that gradually dispersed as it slowed to a halt.

“Destination reached, sir.” announced the Chief Navigation Officer. “All systems online. Detecting a large number of heat signatures nearby, friendly and otherwise.”

Axius Lucretius of Emperor’s Grace allowed himself a small smile...

Gliese 900.1 – Power Games

“Everything is going according to plan, Senator.”

Marquis Axius Lucretius sat alone at a terminal in the communications room aboard the INV Hengist Duval. The huge Majestic class Interdictor was currently based outside Paez Terminal in the Gliese 900.1 system. Lucretius had requested the sole on-duty comms officer to go down to engineering on the pretext of investigating some lost transmission data. The young officer, new among the crew, was only too happy to assist a member of the Imperium who held such high rank and she immediately hurried off on this fools errand, leaving Lucretius to his own devices. He had then quickly set up a connection to Emperor’s Grace’s main HQ on the surface of HR 706 IV.

“Excellent.” came the reply...

Gliese 900.1 – No Bonds. No Ties. No Attachments.

Hangar 35, Lewitt Port, Gliese 900.1 System

Furieux swore loudly inside the roomy cargo bay of the Viridian Embrace. He had taken the Lakon Type-7 out  on loan only a week ago from a dealer on Schuster Hub in the Wuru system and was beginning to think it had been a bad idea. On two separate occasions he had scraped the rear of the ship when attempting to dock, not being comfortable in piloting such a large vessel. The second incident had seen some internal damage done to the ships air recycler. While only minor repairs were required, access to the life support panel was difficult to reach. Air quality within the ship was poor however,  leading to the pilot experiencing dizzy spells while in flight...

Gliese 900.1 Liberals: To Slay A Dragon

Amabassador Russe Jenker and Chairman Agner Muxx of the sat facing each other in the main office of the Gliese 900.1 Liberals. The situation in Gliese 900.1 had become desperate. The Liberals had witnessed public approval for their company sink massively over the last few days. The party was floundering against the might of the present Imperial factions that had gained a major foothold within the system, in particular Emperor’s Grace, the rising stars of the local political stage. With the assistance of a mercenary group known as the 8th Dragon Squadron, the Emperor’s Grace had reached immense popularity among the citizens of Gliese, much to the detriment of the independents who had reigned in the system for decades.  Agner Muxx, leader of the Gliese 900...

Gliese 900.1 – Reinvigoration

At 1700 local time, the Star & Garter on Lewitt Port was quiet. Bernie, the bartender, was busy restocking the coolers in preparation for the later arrival of pilots belonging to the 8th Dragon Squadron who appeared to have quite an insatiable thirst for all things alcoholic. Bernie’s supplies of Centauri Mega Gin had also become quite low, a favourite among a few select members of said group with a penchant for something a little stronger than the more commonly ordered Gerasian Geuze Beer.

The bartender had served only a few people today and the majority of seats within the establishment were empty. A couple of local traders sat chatting quietly among themselves at the bar nursing their drinks, while in the corner, the best seats in the house, sat five of the 8th Dragon Squadron pilots.


Gliese 900.1 Liberals – The Meeting

Gleise 900.1 Liberals – General Headquarters – Leckie Gateway – Gliese 900.1.

Liberal ambassador Russe Jenker sat alone in the sparse but functional office of Agner Muxx, Chairman of the Gliese 900.1 Liberal group. He fidgeted anxiously in his seat as he awaited the arrival of his superior. The meeting was scheduled for 0830 local time and after arriving a few minutes early, he had been directed to the room by Muxx’s secretary, who offered him a seat and a mug of Azebanian coffee, which, in his nervousness, he had declined. Jenker had been employed as official envoy to the Liberal party for over a decade and had seen many instances of political upheaval during his time. Nothing, however, came close to the events that now ensued in Gliese 900.1 since the arrival of the Imperials...

Gliese 900.1 – The Edge of War

The boy took aim and threw yet another pebble from the cliff face into the deep, blue Orthean sea. Gliese 900.1 A shone brightly as he skipped over the grass looking for another. He often liked to play out here on Marshall’s Point despite his father regularly telling him that it was dangerous. The winds up on the overlook could easily sweep a full grown man to his death onto the sand and rocks below on bad days, never mind an eight year old boy. Today, the breeze was light and the air warm. His older brother was out tending to the crops at home, while his mother was busy preparing the evening’s meal. His father had been called to an emergency meeting up on the orbital star port, Leckie Gateway, and the boy was bored...