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Black Horizon – An Assault on the Sensors

“Orbit established. What’s taking you so long?” asked Erikson from the bridge of the massive Hammer, an Anaconda class warship. It hung over the moon of Strauss Reward like the sword of Damocles.

“Interdicted en route,” replied Furieux with a chuckle. “A couple of opportunistic Eagles decided that I might be easy prey.”

The big man guffawed. “I hope you showed them the error of their ways! I have to admit, that Dropship of yours holds her own better than I expected. She has teeth and lives up to that pretentious name you gave her!”

The Immaculate Deception dropped into orbit with an audible thump. “It’s all in the piloting, my hirsute friend. I tend to avoid combat when I can, but I’m not averse to a little laser foreplay.”

Erikson’s hearty laugh boomed over th...

Black Horizon – An Uncertain Friendship

“Commander Furieux?” inquired Dillon Reade, turning towards a booth near the back wall of the Star & Garter. “Please follow me.”

“Reade? How did you recognize me?” Furieux asked, following a path weaved before through the masses.  The journey to Bedaho had been short, and the smuggler had only just docked at Salam Enterprise moments before. He had hoped to have had a drink or two before the meeting but Reade had approached him nearly as soon he had entered the bar.

“I know a merc when I see one,” Reade said without looking back. “And you might just as well have had the word Blackfeather tattooed on your forehead, you look so much like her. It wasn’t too difficult to deduce. Come.”

The bar was busy...

Black Horizon – The Way To Bedaho

Furieux was sprawled out on Shizuko’s bunk when she returned to her quarters several hours after the events in Star & Garter. His head and right arm hung limply over the edge. He looked like death itself on a bad day. It appeared that Alder had simply dumped the inebriated pilot on the bed and left. The room stank of stale liquor and she screwed up her nose at the smell, peering around and looking for any signs of disturbance; any indication as to whether Furieux had spent the last few hours in a drunken coma or if he had risen at some point, discovering that he had been locked in and making some attempt at an escape. It appeared that he had not moved all night...

Black Horizon – Drunk on the Moon

“She brews a bruise on my heart, and drinks it like a beer. She calls it love, but she would, because she’s drunk on my torment.” – Jarod Kintz

Raven’s Landing, Cai System.


Furieux left the office of Arkan Ginova and made his way back to the main hub of Raven’s Landing via an internal shuttle. From there, it wasn’t far to hangar forty where the Nineveh’s Kiss was undergoing some minor repairs. He stood on the docking platform and peered up at the huge freighter. A couple of uniformed techs were in the process of welding some of the outer hull plates that had been split open during the Commanders earlier less-than-graceful landing.  The Type-9 was not a pretty ship. A far cry from the smooth, curving aesthetics and lush interiors of the Orca, Delicate Heart, the Nineveh’s ...

Black Horizon – Lux Ex Tenebris

“You realize that our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Commander Deuil Furieux drained the glass of Centauri Mega Gin before laying the empty container on Arkan Ginova’s desk.

“Okay, Arkan. Let’s say I believe you. Tell me of my mother,” he said, gesturing at the barren glass.

The fleet Commander nodded once and rose to retrieve a new bottle of gin from the storage cabinet at the back of his office. Ginova would have to be careful. Acutely aware that Furieux was a man loathe to trust in others, he knew that a retelling of the history of Furieux’s past could potentially cause him to walk. For Ginova and the Raven’s Scouts, it was important that such a thing didn’t happen.

He tilted the bottle and refilled Furieux’s glass...

Black Horizon – Everything. In Black & White.

“I don’t like having to be careful of what I say and do. Lately I’m far more interested in spirits, be they high, free or alcoholic.” – CMDR Deuil Furieux

With his ship safely docked in a hangar after the encounter with the Cai system authority, Commander Deuil Furieux’s black market contact on Raven’s Landing had begun the process of unloading the human cargo almost as soon as the ship had hit the docking plate. Where exactly the five hundred and odd Imperial slaves were being taken was none of his concern. The contract had been personally drawn up by fleet Commander Arkan Ginova of the Raven’s Scouts himself, who had offered the smuggler one million credits per successful run. Up until now, Furieux had performed the task without a hitch...

Black Horizon – An Unexpected Arrival

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Kaila Jinx hated security detail with a passion. It was just so damned boring. She had been patrolling the five kilometer boundary of Raven’s Landing for the past seven standard hours and nothing illegal, unusual or even remotely interesting had occurred worthy of a report. Sometimes she wondered why such a high importance was placed on maintaining law and order when nothing ever happened in Cai. Occasionally some pilots were caught with a few tons of Onionhead or similar drugs, but nothing that demanded  a perpetual, dedicated four man squadron of Vipers and Eagles that essentially played a game of Ring Around the Rosie for hours on endJinx would rather have been scouting for more dangerous criminals...

Black Horizon – Fortune, Opportunity and Truth

“A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.” – Suzy Kassem

“The Coalition weren’t the ones firing on us?”  Shizuko asked as she and Ginova stood in a compact elevator that would take them up to floor 121 . Ginova often nicknamed their HQ the ‘Nest’, a typical office complex much like the many others in the building. As the elevator rose, it made a barely audible hiss, the single tell tale sign that it was moving at all. Shizuko’s stomach lurched as it always did; she was an incredibly experienced pilot and used to swift changes in motion even in zero gravity, but something about elevators unfailingly made her feel sick.

“So we are told,” replied Ginova who gazed intently at elevator doors as they waited...

Black Horizon – The Ominous Birds of Yore

“Mining installation Banks Prospect located, sir,” announced  Dillon Reade, navigation officer aboard the Federal Corvette, Nevermore.

With a length of over one hundred and fifty metres, these spearhead shaped vessels were built primarily as escort warships, designed with the defense of much larger Farragut class battle cruisers in mind. A formidable craft in its own right, the Nevermore was heavily armed, and equally well armoured. It currently sat in the orbit of Paipai 1,  in a system merely one hundred or so light years distant from the Federation capital of Sol, hanging in the night sky over the drab and featureless planet. She was not, however, on a mission of war at this time.

“Thank you Mr. Reade. I’m taking us in towards your co-ordinates...

Black Horizon – The End of A Beginning

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

It was a long walk towards the offices of Furieux Extraction. On the way, Commander Deuil Furieux, kept his head down to avoid anyone recognising him. The general feeling around Elswick Station was a much calmer one since the brief war between the Federal owners and the upstart Justice Party had ended. Those who lived and worked on it where returning to their normal lives. While the short but vicious battle resulted in a victory for Zeta Tucane Legal, as Furieux had anticipated, he couldn’t help but feel for the independents. He knew that Legal’s victory would please his father, however...