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Zeta Tucanae – Nineveh’s Kiss

“Hallow be their name, and blessed be their claim; if you who trespass put down roots, then hallow be your name.”  –  Lebor Gabála Érenn (The Book of Invasions)

Velidhu Dream was a starport just like any other. The ageing Coriolis design with its iconic shape and towering inverted skyscrapers was commonly seen throughout the populated galaxy. Though the newer Orbis and Ocellus style stations were more striking and pleasing to the eye, the majority of trading hubs were still based on the old cuboctahedral blueprint. From an internal perspective, most stations looked identical with very little clues as to which structural design they adhered to...

Zeta Tucanae – Bad Business and Drowning Angels

“There are drowning angels at the bottom of every one of these glasses, friend, and if I rescue them all,  perhaps they will make me a saint.” – CMDR Deuil Furieux

Ettiene Furieux pored over the data on the holographic displays embedded into a desk, in a room deep below the confines of Furieux House on Darwyn. The lower levels of the building were dedicated to the day to day running of the business, both legal and otherwise. The bulk of central operations were done from an orbital station, but Ettiene preferred to work on the surface with a few select employees.   The extraction company had been running for one hundred and six standard years and had stayed afloat through many market fluctuations, seen profits rise and fall but it nonetheless remained as a family run corporation...