Gliese 900.1 – Reinvigoration

At 1700 local time, the Star & Garter on Lewitt Port was quiet. Bernie, the bartender, was busy restocking the coolers in preparation for the later arrival of pilots belonging to the 8th Dragon Squadron who appeared to have quite an insatiable thirst for all things alcoholic. Bernie’s supplies of Centauri Mega Gin had also become quite low, a favourite among a few select members of said group with a penchant for something a little stronger than the more commonly ordered Gerasian Geuze Beer.

The bartender had served only a few people today and the majority of seats within the establishment were empty. A couple of local traders sat chatting quietly among themselves at the bar nursing their drinks, while in the corner, the best seats in the house, sat five of the 8th Dragon Squadron pilots.


Gliese 900.1 Liberals – The Meeting

Gleise 900.1 Liberals – General Headquarters – Leckie Gateway – Gliese 900.1.

Liberal ambassador Russe Jenker sat alone in the sparse but functional office of Agner Muxx, Chairman of the Gliese 900.1 Liberal group. He fidgeted anxiously in his seat as he awaited the arrival of his superior. The meeting was scheduled for 0830 local time and after arriving a few minutes early, he had been directed to the room by Muxx’s secretary, who offered him a seat and a mug of Azebanian coffee, which, in his nervousness, he had declined. Jenker had been employed as official envoy to the Liberal party for over a decade and had seen many instances of political upheaval during his time. Nothing, however, came close to the events that now ensued in Gliese 900.1 since the arrival of the Imperials...

Gliese 900.1 – The Edge of War

The boy took aim and threw yet another pebble from the cliff face into the deep, blue Orthean sea. Gliese 900.1 A shone brightly as he skipped over the grass looking for another. He often liked to play out here on Marshall’s Point despite his father regularly telling him that it was dangerous. The winds up on the overlook could easily sweep a full grown man to his death onto the sand and rocks below on bad days, never mind an eight year old boy. Today, the breeze was light and the air warm. His older brother was out tending to the crops at home, while his mother was busy preparing the evening’s meal. His father had been called to an emergency meeting up on the orbital star port, Leckie Gateway, and the boy was bored...

Eta Draconis – A Cause for Celebration

In the Star & Garter bar on Fisk Port, the atmosphere was one of celebration in light of the latest local news bulletins. Gold Vision Co, with the help of the 8th Dragon Squadron, had successfully won their long campaign to bring Eta Draconis under the charter of the Alliance of Independent systems. After fifty two days of campaigning and a relatively short civil war with the controlling party, the Union of Eta Draconis Labour, Gold Vision secured control of the major system starport, Swift Terminal. At the bar, the head bartender was having great difficulty keeping drinks supplied to the rowdy, thirsty commanders, thrilled at their victory...

Eta Draconis – Sobriety, On the Rocks

The Hazy Jane II safely docked, I decided to stroll over to the Star & Garter on Fisk Port. This time of the day, the establishment is usually quiet, and I needed the peace. The pink and blue neon sign over the door cast its familiar aura into the cool corridors of Fisk, and the 20th Century jazz that emanated from the place told me that the head bartender, Dom, was on duty.

As I hopped up onto a stool at the bar he nodded at me, and walked over to take my order.

“Hey Furieux! The usual, commander?” he enquired, pouring a Centauri Mega Gin before I even answered him.

“Yeah, Dom, thanks. Busy day?” I replied.

“Ah not so much, it doesn’t really kick off until later when the rest of your crazy wingmen start arriving.” he joked, handing me my drink...

The ‘Hazy Jane II’ – Faulcon DeLacy Cobra MkIII

The Cobra Mk III is a classic all purpose ship found throughout human space. The model was first built in Lave Cowell & MgRath shipyard in Lave in 3100. Despite its age it remains a popular ship for lone pilots who value its balance of carrying capacity and ability in combat.

The Hazy Jane II was named in homage to the Hazy Jane, Faulcon DeLacy Sidewinder that Deuil Furieux’s grandfather bequeathed to him after the old man’s death in 3295.  She was the third ship that Furieux flew and was bought soon after selling the Starlight Song,  a Zorgon Peterson Adder. The Hazy Jane II is a superb all round utilitarian ship and is capable of holding her own in a dogfight while still having enough cargo space to be used as a trading vessel. The Hazy Jane II carried CMDR Furieux into the...

Letters to Anais: Pale Sincerity

Relay Transmission: GCRT#8459687

Transmission Date: 03/02/3301

Message Origin: deuilFURIEUX; Star&Garter;  Fisk Port; Eta Draconis System

Message Destination: anaisFURIEUX; Furieux House; Darwyn; Zeta Tucanae System

Encoding: Standard Encoding Protocol

Greetings dear sister.

I have a confession to make. I am back on the booze. Not two days after I sent my last transmission from Darakh trying to convince you that I had turned over some new sober leaf, I was back swigging Gerasian Gueuze Beer by the caseload. It bloody glows in the dark! I have also discovered that I have acquired a taste for Centauri Mega Gin, thanks to Dom, the host at the Star & Garter here on Fisk Port...

Eta Draconis – New Horizons

You may be wondering how I ended up in the Star & Garter on Alvares Terminal. It wasn’t an accident.

Due to some unfortunate events that saw me leave the icy, snow capped peaks of my home planet Darwyn, Zeta Tucanae, I made my own way in the galaxy for seven months, mostly exploring nearby systems trying to make a quick credit. I’d seen the Pleiades. I’d seen the Vela Pulsar. I spent considerable time in the Darahk system, were Noblehome station quickly became a base of trade and exploration. I liked it there but the Federal presence reminded me too much of home. When news of the Kappa Fornacis debacle hit the screens, I wanted out.

I’d seen wars over drugs and people bombed in their houses over laws and rules and regulations...

Letters To Anais: Abstinence

Relay Transmission: GCRT#9857425

Transmission Date: 12/10/3300

Message Origin: deuilFURIEUX; Star&Garter;  Noblehome Starport; Darahk System

Message Destination: anaisFURIEUX; Furieux House; Darwyn; Zeta Tucanae System

Encoding: Standard Encoding Protocol


Greetings dear sister.

I hope this transmission finds you well.

Its now been over five months since I left our home on Darwyn and I am sorry for not being in touch sooner (at least in a lucid manner).  Piloting small transporters around our home system is one thing but flying out here in the black is quite another. It’s taken me a long time to get used to grandfather’s old ship, the Hazy Jane...